Photos (2011)

Thanks to Eva Dawson,Chris Durban, Virginia Fox, Anne-Marie Robert and Lisa Rodriguez for contributing photos for this page.

At the entrance to our host hamlet...

In case of confusion!

The Sugar Maples Center's church/art studio, now hosting translation sessions too!

Our commemorative cake, prepared by the Brandywine restaurant.

Lunch in the Living Faith community church gym. Many thanks to the church and Pastor Al for the loan of these great facilities.

Opening reception at the Durban cabin

The style doctor is in!

Thierry Chambon, Francois Lavallee and a beautiful moonrise!

Chris Durban introduces Ros Schwartz and her new translation of "The Little Prince"

Anne-Marie Robert enjoys a hike in the nearby Blackhead Range

Maurice Devroye takes a break from translation to explore the wilds of Maplecrest

Dinner at the nearby Brandywine restaurant

Ros Schwartz leads the group in a "fill in the blanks" exercise using The Little Prince as a text


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