Nicolas Froeliger

Nicolas Froeliger first worked as a professional translator in the pragmatic field, as a founder of the translator company Architexte Sarl in Paris. In 2003, he joined Université Paris Diderot, where he now heads the Master’s program in the language industry and specialized translation (ILTS). Nicolas holds a PhD in American literature (focusing on Thomas Pynchon’s novels), and is currently an associate professor in the Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies Dept. and a member of a research team in applied and theoretical linguistics at Université Paris Diderot. He teaches various translation courses (technical, press, methodology, etc.) and his research is focused on the way translations are actually produced, i.e. mainly on the translators themselves as agents in a communication chain and market. This led to the creation, in 2007, of Traductologie de plein champ, or Field-grown Translation Studies,where researchers and teachers meet professional translators and students to perform applied and collaborative research. Nicolas Froeliger is also active in two European projects aimed at enhancing the visibility and quality of translation programs, namely EMT (European Master’s in Translation) and Optimale (Optimising professional translator training in a multilingual Europe). He is also vice-president of AFFUMT (Association française des formations universitaires aux métiers de la traduction/French association for university-level translator training programs).

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