Grant Hamilton

A certified translator and graduate of Laval University, Grant Hamilton owns and manages Anglocom Inc., an agency in Quebec City, Canada that specializes in high end business communications in English and French. He oversees a team of 23 in-house language professionals, including several based in the United States. Grant is also a regular workshop presenter for ATA and teaches French-to-English translation for marketers and advertisers as part of the certificate program at New York University.

Grant is also a published author, recently releasing the title Les trucs d’anglais qu’on a oublié de vous enseigner. A collection of articles on the English language, it was in large part inspired by questions Grant’s francophone clients asked about English over the years.

Grant is actively involved in his profession and the community. He sits on the OTTIAQ board of directors (Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec), he is the assistant administrator of the Translation Company Division of ATA, and on May 24 this year he was named the president of the Quebec wing of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards, a recognition program for youth.

Grant’s agency, Anglocom, works primarily on behalf of advertising agencies and Quebec government ministries, but also serves leading retailers, publishers, manufacturers, and tourist industry stakeholders. It boasts one of North America’s largest specialized teams of French-to-English translators as well as a seasoned team working exclusively from English into Canadian French.

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