François Lavallée

François Lavallée, a certified translator (OTTIAQ) since 1985 and founder of Magistrad, a professional development school for translators, is now Vice President for Training & Quality at Edgar, a linguistic services company located in Québec City, after having worked on his own for 20 years. He has also taught general, commercial and legal translation at Université Laval (Québec City) since 2002, and he is the author of two collections of short stories, a collection of fables in the style of La Fontaine, and a translation guide entitled Le traducteur averti. He has an honors degree in translation from Laval University. François’ three one-day training sessions, called La traduction administrative…idiomatique! (volets I, II et III), have been offered by Magistrad throughout Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Regina, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Eastern Townships, Québec City, Fredericton).
François’ books can be ordered on-line, among other places, at

François also regularly posts his « conseils du réviseur » for translators
on Twitter (@Magistrad_Plus).

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