Welcome to Translate in the Catskills

Translate in the Catskills is a three-day master class in writing for premium-market translators, held every other summer in Maplecrest, New York. It brings together some of the most dynamic translators working in the industry today. Past instructors include Chris Durban, David Jemielity, Dominique Jonkers, François Lavallée, Grant Hamilton, Nicolas Froeliger and Ros Schwartz.

The event has two tracks: one for translators who work into French, and one for translators who work from French and other languages into English. Sessions focus on a variety of topics: writing proper, translation for specific business sectors, literary translation, client relations and even “term surgery” sessions highlighting a single word or expression.

Translate in the Catskills is held at the Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Sugar Maples Center for Creative Arts, where the on-site lodge, library and art studios provide a beautiful and energizing atmosphere.

4 responses to “Welcome to Translate in the Catskills

  1. Hi,

    I cannot find a contact information so I am hoping this will get to you.
    I a French translator who recently moved in the Castkills area and I would love to learn more about this event. On the description you mention that it occurs every other summer so I am assuming it won’t take place this year.
    Anyhow, as a new translator I would love to meet new people and expand my network of other professional translators.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best Regards,
    Samantha Grassian

  2. Hi Samantha,
    You’re right: no “Translate in the Catskills” this year, although we’ll be back in 2013.
    But you may like to know that much of the group is migrating north for “Translate in the Townships,” a three-day master class in writing for premium translators that Grant Hamilton is organizing in Orford, Quebec. Dates are August 19-22. You’ll find full information at http://www.translateinthetownships.com—hope you can make it!
    If not we could always meet up and talk translation in Maplecrest in the interim (lovely village!).

    • Hi Christine, Hi Corinne,

      Thank you so much for getting back to me. As much as I would love to, unfortunately I will not be able to attend Translate in the Townships, but I will most definitely follow your advice regarding the ATA. I truly appreciate your help and hope we will get to meet at the Translate in the Catskills event next year or beforehand at Maplecrest. I can be reached directly at sgrassiancreations@gmail.com.


  3. Hello Samantha and thanks for your comment! Hopefully we’ll get to meet you in person in the Catskills at some point, and I would definitely encourage you to attend Translate in the Townships. Also, you can search by location in the directory of the American Translators Association (http://www.atanet.org) and see if there are any other translators who live permanently in the Maplecrest area.

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