Post-hurricane update

Sadly, the Maplecrest area experienced severe flooding during Hurricane Irene just a few weeks after Translate in the Catskills 2011. Numerous homes in the area were swept away or destroyed, and at least one person was killed in Maplecrest. The main bridge into Maplecrest was also washed away; you can read the New York Times coverage here. Pastor Al Bugos let us know that the Fellowship Center operated by the Living Faith Community Church (kindly lent to us for the Translate in the Catskills plenary sessions) is now operating as a food and water station for people in Maplecrest who have run out of supplies. Donations are welcome; please direct them to: Al Bugos, pastor; Living Faith Community Church; 58 Route 56; Maplecrest NY 12454.

2 responses to “Post-hurricane update

  1. Thanks for sharing. My dad was pastor of that church for many years. Glad to see how the community is helping each other out.

  2. great! we’re bringing supplies!

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