Translate in the Catskills: August 12-14, 2011

Thanks to everyone who made Translate in the Catskills 2011 a success! With 50 participants and top-notch instructors, our three day conference brought together some of the most energetic minds working in translation today. Thanks also to Pastor Al Bugos for allowing us to use his church’s community hall and gym and to the folks at the Catskill Mountain Foundation for all of their help in organizing the conference.

2009 participants said…

“A big “thank you” to the excellent presenters and organizers for this wonderful learning experience. The company was the best, the atmosphere unbeatable, and it was so deeply satisfying and energizing to work together – although it felt more like calm, focused play in that comfortable, casual setup, with natural beauty all around us. I’ve never experienced anything like it.”
Stephanie Cash, attendee

“This has been one of the most *energizing* translators’ events I’ve ever experienced in my professional life. Translating is Writing. And writing is all about creativity, about unleashing whatever creative potential is in you. Thanks to my fellow speakers, I have explored new ways to do just that – even in the seemingly “dry” world of financial translation. Que demander de plus ? Many thanks to all.”
Dominique Jonkers, instructor

“Since I attended Translate in the Catskills 2009, my clients have complimented my writing more than they did in the previous six years combined. The instructors really helped me break out of my ‘But that’s not what the French says!’ mindset and focus on writing authentic English documents that “sing.” In addition, the seminar was great fun and an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded translators in a gorgeous setting.”
Corinne McKay, attendee


6 responses to “Translate in the Catskills: August 12-14, 2011

  1. Hello!

    I am very interested in attending this event this year. Could you please provide some practical information, such as transportation options (car only?) and accommodation? Many thanks!

    • Hi Nikki — thanks for your query and sorry for the lull.
      More information will go up over the next few weeks, but for the time being: there is daily bus service from NYC to nearby Hensonville, and we can make arrangements to pick you up there, but a car is best. There will probably be car-pooling from Albany (that’s the closest airport, about 1h15 minutes away) and perhaps from NYC. A very nice guesthouse in the village itself is run by the arts’ foundation that is rebuilding the former Sugar Maples resort and is one option; the Hotel Vienna in nearby Hensonville is clean, comfortable and friendly place. We’ll post a list of recommended B&Bs shortly (not the place with the leopardette wallpaper and sheets, no! no!). Note that Windham (the next town beyond Hensonville) has a ski center and many excellent B&Bs and hotels serving its patrons; these are eager to find paying guests in the summer months.

  2. Hi! Could you tell me how much (rough estimate) this is going to be? Do you have any idea when you are going to be posting info? Thanks!

    • Thanks for your query, Marcelo. We’re in the middle of finalizing info right now and will post the full (and excellent) program within 48 hours or less.
      Registration will be $380 for members of official translator associations and $480 for non-members. There’s also a student rate of $250.
      Note that this fee is all-inclusive (all conference materials, breakfasts, lunches & two evening receptions).
      A conference dinner is planned for Friday night and will be an extra $28 for those planning to attend.
      You’ll have to cover your own travel and accommodation, of course.

  3. Thanks Christine! I look forward to the info.!

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